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BOTOX is extremely effective at softening Crows feet around the eyes, the horizontal forehead lines, the glabellar lines (vertical lines between the eyebrows). It may also  give a gentle eyebrow lift when applied properly. Current Price: $10/unit. Please book your appointment, and look under "services" for additional information.

Permanent Make-Up 
Tired of putting makeup on, only to wear it off too early and have to re-apply? Do you have a vision deficit that makes it difficult to do? Are you the athletic type that sweats it off - so why bother? ...    Then you're gonna Love Permanent Make-Up!!
Go to "services" for info or "book your appointment" tab
Promotional Price: $199 and receive a full second application for $50.00

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Collagen Induction Therapy!! 
What are the benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy?#collegen induction therapy, mesotherapy, derma rolling, dermal rolling
This process uses the bodies own natural responses to build extra collagen.Additionally, extra capillaries are formed, (called angio-genesis) creating more blood flow, giving your skin a glowing effect. CIT reduces pore size, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, scars, decreases hyper-pigmentation. Skin nourishing serums are used during this process which are "direct access" serums, and are applied during the process to enhance results. You can recognize when someone has had a recent procedure by their skin refinement and glowing complexion.
Please see the services page for more information. Book your appointment today!

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Eyelash Extensions- Butterfly style -a natural look but striking. Or Flairs! -a dramatic look. Please arrive with clean dry lashes. Lasts 3 to 4 weeks until refill is  required. #eyelash extensions, butterfly lashes, butterfly eyelash extensions
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