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Landmarks for drawing eyebrows
How to draw eyebrows for permanent make up
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Semi permanent make-up, Hair strokes, Tattooed eyebrows, Before and After .Having looked at all the other Semi permanent makeup and tattooed eyebrows videos on Youtube we noted that none told the whole story from before to after treatment, so w...
Permanent Makeup
You.. Only Better!
That's our commitment to each and every person who comes through our door. Servicing Southwest Florida, including Estero, Bonita Springs and Cape Coral,and located in Fort Myers, we specialize in permanent make up, creating beautiful eyebrows, striking  #eyeliner enhanced lips and lip liner, using micropigmentation.Our Permanent Makeup is the most affordable in town. But our artist is highly skilled.
We enhance.. not change, the way you look. And we know how to do it! You are going to LOVE your new look! It's YOU.. Only Better!
Touch ups are required for all applications. Touch ups are not included in the initial application fee and should be scheduled in 4 weeks after the initial application. .

Who should not get permanent makeup?

If you are on antibiotics, please schedule your appointment no sooner than 1 week after the last dose.

Those who are on blood thinners should consult with your physician, as with eyeliner, excessive bruising may cause the procedure to be cut short, which may affect the results. This includes pain relievers, except Tylenol. Do not take asprin, vitamin E, niacin, ibuprofen, or any alpha hydroxyl products within 24 hours of the appointment.

If you are a suntanner, and don't use sunscreen, there is no sense in getting permanent makeup, as the sun is the biggest fader of permanent make up.
The eligibility of anyone with a  bloodborne disease such as hepatitis or HIV shall be determined by the artist. At this facility, we are very concerned about communicable diseases, and discourage the procedure.

You should get physician clearance if you have glaucoma, and wish to have eyeliner applied, as some physicians do not want pressure applied to your eyes.

If you have an open rash on your face, please schedule after it is resolved. If you are experiencing hypersensitivity of the eyes, due to seasonal allergies, you may not be as responsive to the topical anesthesia and it is advised to schedule at a later time.

Our artist applies the design first, so you can see the permanent makeup before it is applied. She will look at your eyeshape and offer different subtle changes, so you get the best look. These are classic eyebrow designs that will look natural. 

We Carry only American made Pigments that are subject to FDA standards. Our artist is a medical professional and uses only Disposable needles and machine parts. Our Proceduer room is licensed and regularly inspected by the Department of Health, here in Fort Myers.

Why did my permanent makeup application diminish so much when it healed? 

Well there are a conglomeration of reasons. Many times, a person may be apprehensive about going too dark. When I get a client like that, I go on the light side, after all, we can always go darker on the touch up session. So part of it may be related to the client's fear. 

Secondly, if a client is bleeding more than usual, this could be the culprit. I ask my clients not to take blood thinners, or drink alcohol 3 days in advance,because it WILL alter the effectiveness of the procedure. After all, how much pigment do you think will be in-bedded if you are bleeding out of your pores? 

Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. REALLY! Those who are particularly sensitive will cause the technician to back off in order to inhibit making the client uncomfortable. I can't stand stand to see my clients in pain. I do my best to prevent it with frequent applications of anesthesia, but it is what it is. Those who don't seem to mind the process usually get a better result. I will be using stronger anesthetics in the near future, and that's the good news!

Will you show up with a dark tan ? The sun is the biggest fader of permanent make up. And I will call you out on that one! Everyone likes to go to the beach and so do I. But can you wait until  7 days please, then use sunscreen? By the way, sunglasses let ambient light in.  And let's learn... too much sun ages you. OK, I'll get off my soap box.

Some people accept the pigment better than others. People who have Excema should not get permanent make up. Their skin sheds too much. Its part of the disease process. And some people just accept or reject pigment more so than others. Everyone is different!

Are you on antibiotics? They boost the immunity and rejection of foreign substances will  be accelerated. The pigment gets kicked out. 

It's not all your fault! Pigment should be injected just below the epithealial layer of skin. And guess what! Everyone's depth is different, and your technician doesn't have xray vision. If the technician goes too deep, the ink will not show up, if she goes to shallow, it will crust off. She has to closely examine your skin during the application, wiping the excess ink away frequently and examining with a magnifier, the line she applies. 

Different tissue accepts the ink differently. For example, If you tattoo a person's lip above the natural lip line, the pores are larger, and the pigment  will appear darker than on the lips, which have smaller, finer pores, with a smaller capacity for accepting pigment. The same is with the eyelids. have you ever seen someone with large pores on their eye lids? No! The eyelids are the tissue that most often will change after tattooing. In fact, I try to make my line 3 times thicker than the expected result. And the other problem with lids is that a client can only tolerate the procedure so long due to the ease of bruising and swelling in that area, Sorry, Ma'am. you'll have to come back for a touch up.

So as you can see, it's complicated. And I do my best, I Promise!
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 Here Is some information that you will find informative about Permanent Makeup:
At the Classic Face, we use pigments that are made in the United States, where the testing and processing is controlled and monitored by the government. Our technicians are trained and tested for biohazard risks and prevention of communicable diseases. Our first concern is our clients. Not our profit. Our studio is regularly inspected by the state of Florida.

The first application is an initial injection of pigment into the skin. You will look fabulous when you leave, and then the healing process may change things, especially if it is your first application.
You may want to change the color slightly, too. These issues are corrected on the touch up procedure, where the lines will be refined for shape and thickness and color. Both procedures will take about an hour and a half.

Lips may accept the pigment to a lesser extent. That is why I call it lip tinting. People are different, however, it may take several applications (charged at the touch up price) in order to achieve a darker color. This is also true for those who want extra thick eyeliner, or multiple colors.  

Topical anesthetics of various types are used. Please feel free to call if you have further questions, and thank you for considering the Classic Face!
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