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Tips for Lips
What color to Choose...
Eyeliner and allergy season
Permanent make up tips
Try these excercises for flat abs- also builds bone tissue!


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Tips for Lips

How can you get the best result when having permanent makeup on your lips?

Please come in with hydrated lips. Drink 4 16oz. glasses of water 3 days in advance of your appointment. Use lip gloss, too. I think the best lip gloss is the lip plumpers, since they work by hydrating that top layer of skin. That's why they are plumpers, sometimes even smoothing out the creases in your lips. 

Why is hydration so important? Well, as a technician, I will often apply the pigment into the layers, just to have those layers flake off from being so dry.

What color to Choose...

Your eyebrows should look about 50% darker than they will be in 4 days to a week, where you will loose the outer crust of pigment, and will then be looking at the pigment from under a layer of skin.

Your technician knows how to choose the color. And I prefer to to use my expertise, but some clients are too apprehensive.

 Now, what that means for you who are too scared to be 50% darker, is that you may need to come in for an additional touch up, because you chose your color too light. 

With that being said, please know that we can always go darker on the touch up, and thicker on the touch up.

Eyeliner and allergy season

Hello ladies. Who should not get permanent makeup? Well, if you have current, (acute) seasonal allergies,if your eyes are watery, and a little irritated, it would be best if you waited until your allergies calmed down. If you are having eyeliner done, the anesthesia may not be effective, as your eyes are in a hyper sensitive state, and your comfort level will be greatly increased if you wait. Even the overhead lights may be irritating. If you have had any personal experiences, please share.

Permanent make up tips

Hello Ladies. Just a few reminders... When making your appointment, please refrain from blood thinners for 3 days prior. This includes alcoholic beverages. If you are on a serious blood thinner such as warfarin, please consult your physician, but don't stop these important medications. Bleeding inhibits the process. Think about it.. do you think the pigment will be in-bedded as your are bleeding? Crusting will be heavier and the result will be diminished. Remember, Vitamin E and St. John's wort are blood thinners. For specific questions, please call 239-898-9560. 

Try these excercises for flat abs- also builds bone tissue!


Beauty Tips: Slimming a Round Face

Benefits of Cocoanut Oil

I love the smell of cocoanut oil. It contains medium chain fatty acids, which is advised by Dr. Oz to be used in cooking  to promote weight loss.

It contains luric acids, which eliminates bacteria. This is why it helps with GI distress due to h.pylori when taking a tablespoon daily. It also can be used as a deodorant for that same reason (Luric acid/bacteria fighting properties).

It is a natural skin lubricant and treats eczema and psoriasis. It can be used as a skin conditioner, hair conditioner and lash conditioner.

Beauty Tricks and tips

Hello Everyone!
Please feel free to share your makeup secrets here for all to share. I'll start us out.
Clumpy mascara....  Try cleaning off the brush by dipping it in nail polish remover, and then wiping it off with a paper towel. You can one drop of nail polish remover to a tube of at least 1/2 full mascara, with an eyedropper and mix well. This will thin out clumpy mascara.
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